About Us

MPower is run by a group of IT professional with many years of industry experience in startups to multinationals. We offer unparalleled commitment, Industry Knowledge, flexibility and better talent. Agility and Stability is what we bring into our strategic partnership. Clients and candidates’ preferences are our top priority and with Agility we deliver faster with better results.

Why Choose Us

We keep it simple, we match the right candidate with the right career opportunity. We don't throw darts at a board and see what sticks, but we size up talent along with the client and the position. That’s what made our company, our clients and our candidates successful. It is a win – win for all and that’s why our clients like to work with us.

We raised the bar in workforce solutions. We uncover better potential.


Our Services

Robust talent networks, strong relationships and an unparalleled vetting process enable us to quickly pinpoint the top professionals you need. Using our relationship-based recruiting philosophy, we go beyond resumes to discover what really makes our candidates unique.

Your business challenges aren’t pre-packaged – neither are our solutions. Whether your needs are small or large, simple or complex, we leverage industry, business and staffing expertise to customize innovative workforce staffing solutions

We Offer

  1. Staff augmentation
  2. Permanent placement
  3. Outsourcing and managed services
  4. Fixed price projects and consulting services

Continuous​ ​support

Our staffing specialists are a message away. Please use one of our communication methods to convey your hiring needs. We will get you the right resource that meets your needs. Our commitment to our clients in unparalleled. We always do our best to serve your needs


Industries We Serve


Healthcare clients who are quickly realizing that the future belongs to the fee-for-value model leverage on our Healthcare consultants to deliver cost-effective and high-quality applications. We are uniquely positioned to do this by channeling years of experience that our consultants bring with them. Our consultants offer comprehensive healthcare solutions that create synergy between departments across the organization.

Banking​ ​and​ ​Finance

Our specialty is in delivering the top notch technical consultants to deliver superior financial products with agility. Our consultants are well experienced and subject matter experts in Investment and Retail banking. Our consulting team advises clients on how to use technology, data and process to meet business needs.

Federal regulations, mortgage loan origination systems, KYC, MDM, Trading applications, Client and Management reports are some of the projects our consultants have implemented for different clients.


Digital transformation aimed at delivering enhanced customer experience enabled by big data and analytical insights is one of the areas that our consultants are highly skilled at.

We provide consultants to deliver the best applications for insurance sales and services. Our resources are highly skilled at making the processes automated and repeatable.

With their breadth of experience serving global insurance and re-insurance companies in sales and distribution, new business and underwriting, policy administration, claims, billing, accounting, risk and compliance, as well as brokerage and third party administration, we offer you vigorous and comprehensive professionals with deep expertise in design and engineering.

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